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Handwoven Wool

Handwoven 100% wool weavings are a traditional art form that indigenous families from the Andes of Ecuador have kept alive for hundreds of year. These contemporary art weavings, as well as woven shoulder bags, are made in the homes of artisan families in and around Otavalo. Each weaving and bag has a card with the name of the artisan family that created it.

1.  Lizards weaving – 100% wool, 25” x 30” (63cm x 76cm)..........$79.00

2.  Huddled Women weaving – 100% wool, 25” x 39” (63cm x 98cm)……….$79.00

3.  Cross body woven bag (small) – 100% wool, cotton strap, 8 ½”d x 9”w ……….$19.00

4.  Woven shoulder bag (small) – 100% wool, cotton strap, 10”d x 9”w ……….$22.00

5.  Woven shoulder bag (large) – 100% wool, cotton strap, 12”d x 13”w ……….$24.00

A. Fish Design - OUT OF STOCK

B. Geometric Design

6.  Soft woven pashmina scarves of cotton and wool.…$29.00

A. Rust

B. Gray

C. Blue

D. Coffee - (Sold Out)

Fiber Tote Bags

Cabuya (agave) cactus fiber tote bags are hand made by members of the Ascoiacion Artesanal “Mujer y Medio Ambiente”, a women’s artisan collective from the cloud forest region of Intag, Ecuador. Each bag is tagged with the collective’s mission the name of its artisan.

7.  Intag Cabuya cactus fiber tote bag, 15”d x 17”w ……….$28.00

Wooden Treasures

The Tigua indigenous artisans are among the fines in Ecuador, South America. Detailed, brightly painted wooden masks, pictures, crosses, and bowls express a culture rich in Andean traditions. Fair prices paid to our friends in Ecuador and long term relationships ensure that their traditional cultural art continues throughout the generations. Each item is signed, or is accompanied by the artisan’s name.

8.  Tigua art “community” spoon – Enamel on wood, 22” long……….$45.00

9.  Tigua art plate – Enamel on wood, 8 ¾” diameter (56cm)


10.  Tigua flower tray – Enamel on wood, 13 ¼” x 9 ¼” (33cm x 23cm)……….$79.00

11. Tigua “table” tray – Enamel on wood, 10 ¼” x 14 ½” (27cm x 37cm)……….$79.00

12. Tigua black cat mask – Enamel on wood, 7” x 5 ½” (18cm x 14cm)……….$39.00


 Otavalito's mission